28-Year-Old Ditches Apartment Life For A Luxurious Life Aboard a Mega Cruise Ship

The idea of living and traveling the world on a luxury cruise ship may seem like a fantasy, but for many people, it is now a reality.

The MV Narrative is a unique residential ship that will soon be setting sail to explore the world. The ship has been designed with luxury and comfort in mind, offering a range of amenities, including 24-hour room service, private kitchens, medical services, a farmer’s market, an exercise center, a co-working space, a spa, 20 restaurants and bars, and three swimming pools.

Austin Wells is just one of the many people who are signing up to live on the MV Narrative. Wells, 28, lives in San Diego and has leased a residence on the ship for at least three years as it sails around the world.

His job at Meta’s augmented and virtual reality division, Reality Labs, is fully remote, so he will be able to continue to work U.S. West Coast hours as the ship visits European cities.

The ship offers 11 different types of residences, from a “Discover” studio at 237 square feet to the largest “Global” apartment at 1,970 square feet.

Prices for a 12-year lease for an entry-level studio start at around $300,000, while the life-of-vessel leases range from $1 million to $8 million. Fractional ownership options are also available, with a 25% share starting at around $600,000. All-inclusive living fees come on top of the purchase price, starting at around $2,100 a person per month.

A computer-generated image of a bedroom and living area on board the MV Narrative. Long-lease residences are priced from around $875,000 to $8 million. – Storylines

The MV Narrative will dock at ports for around three to five days, with a sample itinerary taking in Rome, Naples, Sapri, Marsala, Venice, Slovenia, Albania, Croatia, Greece, and Turkey. Wells plans to spend time exploring on land too, saying that he is particularly keen to revisit all of Europe.

The ship will also offer a “world schooling” program for children, a 10,000-square-foot gym and spa, a theater for performances and movies, and office spaces. It will also provide medical services and CEO Alister Punton, a former construction, and property executive told CNBC that he hopes to recruit owners from other types of professions such as acupuncturists and physiotherapists.

Residents will also be able to rent out their units if they are not on board. A studio apartment like the one Wells purchased could earn a potential income of around $4,500 a month, according to a calculator on the Storylines website.



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