‘Wonder Years’ Star Opens Up About Heartfelt Challenge Few Accomplish

The former child star of “Wonder Years,” Danica McKellar, recently accomplished a major feat of reading the entire Bible in a year. McKellar shared with Fox News Digital at the 31st annual Movieguide Awards that she had just completed her goal and was already on her second round of reading through the Bible. She explained that the biggest challenge was maintaining consistency in her reading pace due to her busy schedule as an actress and mother.

McKellar found that the rewards of completing her goal far outweighed the difficulty of staying consistent. She shared, “The most rewarding is just getting to know God better and understanding some of the patterns and going, ‘Oh, this theme of ego versus humility’ is like really strong through the whole story. Maybe we should pay attention to that.” Themes of forgiveness, the Lord’s Prayer, and patterns of ego versus humility were some of the things that stood out to the actress during her reading.

The former child star also co-hosted the 31st annual Movieguide Awards with “90210” alum Trevor Donovan. She expressed her appreciation for positive and family-friendly programming, saying, “I’ve been doing it my whole life, family-friendly and helping bring people closer to God, helping people to feel uplifted, because there’s so much negativity in the world. So, to be a part of positive programming is awesome.”

McKellar also recently celebrated the 36th anniversary of “The Wonder Years,” which she starred in as a child. In an Instagram post, she shared a throwback photo and reflected on how the show has touched the lives of many, saying, “to be a part of that is really special.”

She added that people have told her how they watched the show with their parents when they were younger and are now watching it with their kids. Some have even named their daughters after her character or her own name.

The 31st annual Movieguide Awards ceremony, which McKellar co-hosted, will air on Great American Family on March 7 at 8 p.m. ET. The event celebrates positive and family-friendly entertainment and honors the best films and television shows that have uplifting and faith-based messages.

McKellar, who has been acting since a young age, is also a renowned mathematician and author of several bestselling math books for children. She shared that she hopes to continue using her platform to promote positive messages and contribute to uplifting and family-friendly entertainment.

McKellar also opened up about her personal journey with faith. She shared that she had previously harbored biases against Christianity but has since found her own faith and feels blessed. Through her Bible reading challenge, she has found a deeper understanding and connection with God.

McKellar’s accomplishment of reading the Bible in a year is not only an achievement for her personally but also an inspiration for others to deepen their faith and understanding of their religion. Her commitment and dedication to completing this challenge despite her busy schedule is commendable and a reminder to others to prioritize their faith.

It is clear that McKellar’s journey with faith and her accomplishments have had a significant impact on her life and those around her. Her positivity and dedication to promoting positive and family-friendly entertainment make her a role model for many.

Fox News


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