Woman May Have Had The Weirdest 30th Birthday Ever

A North Carolina woman has taken her love for Costco to the next level by choosing to celebrate her 30th birthday at the wholesale store. Madison Stimmel, who calls herself @allthingsbeautybymadison on TikTok, decided to have her birthday dinner at her local Costco location with six members of her family. The result? A heartwarming and hilarious birthday celebration that has since gone viral on TikTok.

According to Stimmel, her family has been members of Costco for years and it is their go-to store for groceries and other items. This year, Stimmel wanted to do something different for her birthday and the idea of having her celebration at Costco just came to her.

In the now-viral TikTok video, Stimmel can be seen announcing to her followers that she is having her birthday dinner at Costco. Everyone in her family was donning matching Costco sweatshirts as they proceeded to order five hot dogs, one chicken bake, a whole cheese pizza, and a rotisserie chicken Caesar salad, along with several soda cups for a total of $30.88.

As they were enjoying their meal, Costco staff surprised Stimmel with a birthday cake and a birthday song, which she did not expect at all. Stimmel treated her family to sundaes and churros to cap off the unconventional birthday celebration.

The reaction to Stimmel’s TikTok video has been overwhelmingly positive with many Costco fans praising her for the creative and budget-friendly birthday celebration. Comments like “This is going to be the cheapest and best birthday dinner yet,” and “If Costco had a party room, it would be sold out constantly,” flooded the video.

Stimmel’s video also caught the attention of many other Costco fans who shared their own experiences of having celebrations at the store, such as having a bachelorette party at the Costco food court. In the end, Stimmel and her family even did some shopping around the store to cross off some items on their grocery list.

Stimmel’s Costco birthday celebration has become a hit on social media, showcasing the love and loyalty that members have for the wholesale store. Her unconventional but heartwarming celebration has sparked a new trend and has definitely set the bar high for future birthday celebrations at Costco.

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