White House Chef Has Tragic Incident At Obama’s Martha’s Vineyard Home

A day of leisure turned into a heartbreaking tragedy near the Martha’s Vineyard estate of former President Barack Obama, where Tafari Campbell, 45, the personal chef of the Obamas, lost his life in a paddleboarding accident. According to officials, Campbell drowned while paddleboarding with an unidentified individual who made desperate efforts to save him.

The incident occurred on a serene afternoon when Campbell and the fellow paddleboarder set out on the picturesque Edgartown Great Pond. However, the outing took a devastating turn as Campbell lost his balance and fell into the water. The other paddleboarder, whose identity remains undisclosed, immediately attempted to reach Campbell but, tragically, couldn’t make it in time.

Former President Barack Obama’s Martha’s Vineyard estate.

Realizing the urgency of the situation, the individual swiftly swam back to shore and alerted someone nearby, who promptly dialed emergency services. A witness recounted seeing Campbell struggling to stay afloat in his final moments, without a life jacket and not tethered to the board.

Authorities swiftly responded to the distress call, launching a search for Campbell. On Monday, his lifeless body was found submerged in eight feet of water, approximately 100 feet from the banks of the Obamas’ property. The former First Family was not present at their Martha’s Vineyard estate when the unfortunate incident occurred.

Following the tragic news, Sherise Campbell, Tafari’s grief-stricken wife, expressed her heartbreak and profound loss on Instagram. Tafari Campbell leaves behind not only his devastated wife but also two young sons, Xavier and Savin.

Campbell’s wife Sherise. Instagram/ @thymeless_creations

Tafari Campbell’s culinary talent had earned him a cherished place within the Obama family. As a sous chef at the White House during Barack Obama’s presidential terms, Campbell was known for brewing beer using honey from Michelle Obama’s bees. When the Obamas left Washington, Campbell remained devoted to the family, continuing his service as part of their personal staff.

The investigation into the incident has concluded, with authorities finding no evidence to suggest any suspicious circumstances surrounding Campbell’s death. An autopsy has been performed, but a toxicology report is pending and could take several weeks.

In the wake of this devastating event, the Obamas released a joint statement expressing their sorrow over the loss of a beloved member of their extended family. They emphasized how Tafari Campbell had become an indispensable part of their lives and offered their heartfelt condolences to Sherise and their twin boys.

New York Post


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