WATCH: University Professor Fired After He SCREAMS In The Face Of Terrified Student

A Tennessee State University professor has been fired after a video was posted online that showed him screaming in the face of a student telling him to leave after he failed his course.

Robert Evins Pickard, a history professor at the university, was recorded shouting in the students face before throwing the student out of the classroom.

The video, which has gone viral shows Pickard screaming, “What is your name?” in the students face.

He then shouts “Get out! You have failed this course, whatever your name is! Out! Out!”

According to a statement from the University, Pickard has been terminated from his position on the staff.

“The University is aware of the incident identified in the video clip being distributed in the media, including on social media. TSU does not tolerate unprofessional behavior in its classrooms or otherwise directed at students,” the statement said.

“This incident runs afoul of the standard of behavior we expect from those charged with teaching and serving as role models for our students,” they added.

“The University has taken swift action, including personnel action, to address this incident and the faculty member shown in the video was immediately removed from the classroom and has been terminated.”

Pickard however, has said he offered his resignation to the University after the incident occurred and is now officially retired.

Pickard replied to the incident saying, “I have been under pressure lately, and I have been frustrated with students who pay attention to their cellphones and laptops, then wonder why they get low grades,” he said.

“But that does not excuse my behavior. I apologized to the students and offered my resignation. I am now retired, as I had planned anyway,” He continued.  Please respect my privacy, it is over now.”

Students at the university stated that Pickard has yelled at students before, however this was the first time it had been addressed.

According to the university’s website, Pickard primarily researched prominent Tennessee political and entertainment figures.

According to the university website, he was also a Peace Corps volunteer in the Philippines and a United Nations volunteer in Somalia.

Pickard graduated with a Bachelor’s degree from Middle Tennessee University in 1976, and receivied his Master’s degree at Eastern Michigan University in 1978. Both degrees were in history.

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