Watch: Texas University Shaken by Player’s Vicious On-Field Behavior!

Louisiana Tech linebacker Brevin Randle has been suspended indefinitely following a shocking incident during Friday night’s game against the University of Texas at El Paso (UTEP). Randle, a redshirt senior, delivered a brutal stomp to the head of UTEP offensive lineman Steven Hubbard, who was already down on the turf. The suspension was announced by Louisiana Tech athletic director Eric Wood in a statement released on Saturday night.

Wood cited Randle’s disregard for his opponent’s safety and his unbecoming conduct as the reasons for the indefinite suspension, stating that such actions fall below the program’s standards of culture, class, and competitive excellence. Randle reportedly acknowledged the wrongdoing and understands the consequences of his actions.

Despite the severity of the incident, officials did not flag Randle for his drastically unsportsmanlike conduct during the game. UTEP head coach Dana Dimel revealed that the officiating crew admitted their mistake at halftime, acknowledging that they had missed the incident. The lack of a penalty raised concerns, especially as Randle’s actions caught the attention of the CBS broadcasting crew, who described it as a “bit of a dirty play.”

The Bulldogs managed to secure a 24-10 victory over UTEP, but Randle’s actions overshadowed the triumph. The news spread beyond the game, drawing condemnation from notable figures in the football community. Green Bay Packers running back Aaron Jones expressed his disapproval on Twitter, stating, “No place for this in football !!!” Former Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant also chimed in, calling the incident “unacceptable.”

Randle, a transfer from Stephen F. Austin, had been a significant contributor to Louisiana Tech’s defense, ranking second among players with 46 tackles and two sacks in his first six games with the Bulldogs. The team’s season record now stands at 3-3, while UTEP’s record fell to 1-5. The incident serves as a stark reminder of the importance of sportsmanship and player safety in collegiate football.

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