Watch: Little Boy’s Moving Speech In Front Of Courtroom Is One of A Kind

With so many needing to hear good news, it is this kind of story that brings a smile to many who have seen it. In a video that has gone viral, a little boy captures the hearts of all as he tells the adoption court about how much he loves his new mom.

The touching moment has created a lot of attention and the moment you watch it, you’ll know why. As you watch the video, you get to witness a little boy’s emotional message for his new mom-to-be during their adoption hearing.

The video, posted on the Instagram page of Majically news captioned it by saying, “We love everything about this. Brb…crying our eyes out.”

The video opens with a caption that says, “Little boy gives heartwarming speech during adoption hearing.”

The video shows the little boy sitting next to his new mom-to-be in front of a judge. As the video progresses, the boy exclaims to the adoption court and to the judge how much he loves his adoptive mom.

He said, “I wanted to say that I love my mom so much and that she is the best mom I ever had. And, I love her so much!”

The woman, visibly emotional then leans towards her soon-to-be son, as he wraps his arm around her to give her a loving hug. The incident left everyone in the courtroom emotional.

The judge went on to say, “Oh my gosh! You know what? It’s important to tell people you love them when they care about you. And so you’re a lucky guy. So, I’m glad to see you. And I’m glad you love him. That’s what we’re supposed to be doing.”

The judge even complimented the boy’s hair and wished the mom on successful adoption.

Comments on the video were equally touched as one comment said, “It’s hard to hear a little kid say she’s the best mom I’ve ever had that means he’s had multiple I’m so happy he finally found a loving home.”

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