Watch As TV Anchor Instantly Regretted Decision Caught on Camera!

Live television broadcasts can be tricky. Anything can happen during a live broadcast, and it’s often the unexpected moments that make for the most memorable viewing experiences.

Recently, Fox 4 News anchor Pat McGonigle had one of those unforgettable moments when he sampled a piece of food on live television. During a segment previewing the food in the Kansas City, Missouri area for New Year’s Eve, McGonigle asked if he could “wolf one down.”

Food and Beverage journalist David Eckert was describing what he deemed as a “feast fit for a king,” which included seared tuna and slow braised bacon, and a lobster pad thai.

However, McGonigle was interested in a tapioca-based dessert that would ultimately be his downfall.

“Mind if I wolf one down?” he asked, before grabbing one of the treats and eating it in one go.

His face instantly dropped and it was obvious he regretted his choice.

“Delicious isn’t it?” David asked.

What ensued was a hilarious few seconds of live television. The anchor popped the piece of food into his mouth and immediately regretted it. His face told the entire story as he tried to chew a few times before quickly looking for a way out.

The video quickly went viral and people had a good laugh at the anchor’s expense. McGonigle and Food & Beverage Journalist Dave Eckert showed true professionalism and continued the segment as if nothing had happened.

The comments were a hilarious addition to the already funny video with one person saying, “The desperation in his eyes for the cameraman to change the shot so he can spit it out lol.”

Another said, “‘… and they’re 100% edible too.’ – that’s a resounding endorsement right there…”

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