Video On Monster Gator Shocks Residents, Are Dinos Extinct?

Lakeland, Florida is known for its alligators, but not all gators are created equal. One notorious gator, nicknamed Fabio by the locals, has been making headlines with its massive size and unforgettable appearance. With the help of social media and local visitors, Fabio has become somewhat of a celebrity at the Circle B Bar Reserve, a popular wildlife reserve in the heart of Lakeland.

According to Ken Bergquist, a frequent visitor to the reserve, Fabio had been spotted lying on the trail for several weeks prior to the sighting that stole the spotlight. However, it wasn’t until February 3rd that Bergquist and his wife Lisa witnessed Fabio in action. In a Facebook message to McClatchy News, Bergquist described how he had seen the gator swimming towards the trail for nearly 45 minutes before finally deciding to make its grand entrance.

At a whopping 12 feet in length, Fabio is easily one of the largest alligators in the reserve. As seen in the video taken by Bergquist, the gator pulled itself out of the water and onto the trail, taking its time to slowly strut across the path.

Bergquist estimates that the gator could possibly be a few inches taller, making it hard to determine if Fabio is indeed the largest gator in the reserve. However, one thing is for sure – Fabio’s size is truly a sight to behold.

Not only is Fabio’s size impressive, but it’s also a testament to the power and strength of these wild creatures. Just a week prior to the sighting of Fabio, Bergquist and his wife had spotted a 9-foot alligator in another part of the reserve. To put things in perspective, the couple placed a photo of the 9-foot gator next to one of Fabio, showing just how enormous the famous gator really is.

The Circle B Bar Reserve, spanning over 1,200 acres in Polk County, is known for its breathtaking natural beauty and abundance of wildlife, including the iconic alligator.

In recent years, the reserve has gained significant attention for its impressive gator sightings, with photos and videos making their way onto social media platforms. In 2017, the Lakeland Police Department shared a video of another enormous alligator crossing a different path in the reserve, captivating viewers from all over the world.

While gators are often seen in the water, seeing them walking on land is a rare and exciting sight for visitors. According to Bergquist, the reserve is busiest during the winter months when seasonal residents, or “snowbirds,” flock to Florida and visitors frequent the park on weekends. Fabio’s appearance on February 3rd drew quite the crowd, with visitors stopping to watch the massive gator in awe.

Despite being a regular at the reserve, Bergquist expressed his excitement at seeing Fabio up close and personal. In an interview, he stated, “Oh I loved seeing it!” It’s clear that Fabio’s presence adds to the already thrilling experience of visiting Circle B Bar Reserve. As one of the last remnants of Florida’s prehistoric past, alligators hold a special place in the hearts of locals and tourists alike. And Fabio, with its larger-than-life appearance, is no exception.

Located about 40 miles east of Tampa, Circle B Bar Reserve is a popular destination for nature enthusiasts, hikers, and wildlife photographers. But it’s the gators, especially ones like Fabio, that steal the show and leave visitors in awe of the wild world that these creatures inhabit. As Fabio continues to make headlines and become even more of a celebrity, it’s safe to say that Lakeland’s famous gator will continue to draw crowds to the reserve for years to come.



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