Vanna White’s Shocking Secret to Maintaining Her Youthful Look

In an exclusive interview with PEOPLE, Vanna White, the iconic co-host of Wheel of Fortune, proudly expresses her embrace of natural beauty and the charm that comes with aging. At 66, White dismisses societal norms, asserting that wrinkles are beautiful and essential for character. While acknowledging the role of makeup in her on-screen persona, White candidly admits, “I don’t look like this without all this makeup.”

The seasoned makeup artist Laura Geller and her team collaborated with White to create a limited-edition makeup line inspired by Wheel of Fortune. Aimed at destigmatizing aging, the product line features playful Wheel-themed packaging in vibrant color combinations. The collection includes a variety of products such as the Spackle Skin Perfecting Primer, Face the Wheel Blush Palette, Prizewinning Eyes Shadow Palette, Modern Classic Cream Lipstick in Big Money Red, Kajal Longwear Liner in Glitz and Glam, and a Dual-Ended Blush and Bronzer Precision Brush.

White expresses enthusiasm about the collaboration, praising the versatility of the products and their whimsical design. Notably, the red lipstick, a personal favorite of White’s, is highlighted for its inclusive appeal across different skin tones.

Laura Geller, known for celebrating and creating products for mature skin, emphasizes the alignment of their mission with White’s representation of natural beauty. Geller explains the meticulous process of developing the lipstick, tailored to White’s specifications for the perfect scarlet red.

White shares insights into her skincare routine, emphasizing the importance of caring for the skin before applying makeup, especially as one ages. Her routine includes daily washing, moisturizing with sunscreen, and light makeup application, culminating in curled lashes.

Reflecting on her makeup choices, White acknowledges the heavy makeup worn during her years on Wheel of Fortune but appreciates the freedom to go lighter when not working. Geller admires White’s graceful aging and strength, portraying her as a real lady with remarkable poise.

The collaboration, available on, marks a new venture for White, who hopes it is “the start of something big.” With a commitment to embracing one’s true self and aging gracefully, Vanna White continues to captivate audiences both on and off the iconic game show.



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