US Fighter Pilot Wows As She’s In Running For Miss America

Madison Marsh is not your average beauty pageant contestant. The 22-year-old Harvard University student was crowned Miss Colorado in May 2023, just before graduating from the United States Air Force Academy (USAFA) and commissioning as an Air Force Officer.

What sets Marsh apart from other pageant contestants is her impressive resume, which includes training to be a Top Gun fighter pilot. At just 17 years old, she learned to fly and obtained her pilot’s license. She is now a US Air Force 2nd lieutenant with a coveted place to train as a fighter pilot.

This impressive feat is a culmination of her lifelong dream to become a pilot and astronaut. When she was just 13 years old, her parents sent her to Space Camp where she met astronauts and fighter pilots. This experience sparked a love of science and a dream to be a pilot.

However, it wasn’t until she was 15 that she started taking flying lessons. By 17, she had her pilot’s license and was working towards her goal of becoming a cadet at USAFA.

It was during her time at USAFA that she decided to try competing in pageants as an extracurricular activity. She saw it as an opportunity to engage in community service and enhance her public speaking skills. In her freshman year, she participated in her first pageant and three years later, she was crowned Miss Colorado.

As an active duty officer and a pageant queen, Marsh believes she is breaking barriers. She is the first active-duty officer from any military branch to represent at the national level of the Miss America organization. She sees it as an opportunity to dispel stereotypes about military women and show that they can be both strong and feminine.

One of Marsh’s favorite aspects of being Miss Colorado is being able to talk with young girls about being a pilot and serving in the military. She sees it as a chance to inspire them and encourage them to break gender norms.

Despite her busy schedule as a beauty queen, Marsh remains focused on her military career. Upon graduation from USAFA, she received a pilot slot which is a highly coveted opportunity. She is currently deciding on her career path and is also pursuing a two-year master’s degree in public policy at Harvard.

Her passion for cancer research is fueled by the loss of her mother to pancreatic cancer. She started a nonprofit organization to raise money and awareness for pancreatic cancer and is now using her education at the Kennedy School to further her research.

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