UPS Delivery Driver Finds Shocking Discovery

In 2013, a UPS driver named Gavin Crowsley discovered an emaciated and abandoned Great Dane while making his rounds. He realized that the dog had no food, water, or shelter, and upon further inspection, he noticed that the dog was blind in one eye and completely deaf.

He called the Clay County Humane Society, and the dog was quickly rescued. Upon closer examination, it was determined that the Great Dane was suffering from malnutrition and pneumonia, and his ears were frostbitten due to the cold weather.

The dog was dubbed “Phoenix,” and he was adopted by a wonderful family. His Facebook page, Phoenix Fighters, was created to help him share his story and to raise money for cancer research and other abused animals.

In June 2013, Phoenix had a brief reunion with the man who saved his life, Gavin Crowsley. Phoenix had made a full recovery and was even learning to sit, stay, and shake hands with the help of his new mom.

He was even visiting nursing homes to cheer up the residents.

In 2015, Phoenix and his brother Rigs were poisoned, and both of them fell into a coma. Fortunately, they were able to make a full recovery.

Despite the setback, Phoenix continued to live his life to the fullest with his family.

In 2018, it was estimated that Phoenix was around 9 years old, which was a little older than the average lifespan for a Great Dane.

Unfortunately, Phoenix passed away peacefully in his adopted mother’s arms on March 12, 2019. The Phoenix Fighters Facebook page is still active, and it occasionally shares stories about other animals in need.

The story of Phoenix is a reminder of the importance of rescuing animals in need. Thanks to the quick thinking of Gavin Crowsley and the dedication of Phoenix’s adopted family, Phoenix was able to live his life in comfort and surrounded by love.

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