Tragedy Strikes: Newlywed’s Big Day Cut Short

On Friday night, tragedy struck in Folly Beach, South Carolina, when a drunk driver crashed into a golf cart carrying a newlywed couple and their wedding guests. Bride Samantha Miller, 34, died on the scene, while the groom, Aric Hutchinson, was left with a brain injury and multiple broken bones after the golf cart was thrown 100 yards. Two other occupants also reportedly suffered injuries of varying severity.

Jamie Komoroski, 25, has been charged with reckless vehicular homicide and three counts of driving under the influence causing death or great bodily injury. According to a police affidavit obtained by CBS News, Komoroski told an officer on the scene that she had consumed one beer and a drink with tequila about one hour before the crash.

Left: Jamie Lee Komoroski (via Charleston County (S.C.) Sheriff’s Office. Right: Aric Hutchinson and Samantha Miller, moments after getting married on April 28, 2023 (via GoFundMe).

The bride’s mother, Lisa Miller, was on the short-term rental’s balcony when she heard the sound of sirens, and soon found herself riding with her new in-laws to the site of the crash. Lisa Miller remembered her daughter being “lit up” with joy at her reception, and said she wanted to spread awareness about the consequences of drunk driving.

The community of Folly Beach has responded to the tragedy with an outpouring of support. People have brought meals to Lisa Miller and her daughter Mandi Jenkins for the past few nights, and a realtor connected them with an oceanside condo where they can stay for free for the next month.

Annette Hutchinson, the groom’s mother, has also set up a GoFundMe page to pay for her son’s medical bills and her daughter-in-law’s funeral. The page had raised over $580,000 as of Wednesday morning.

State Rep. Spencer Wetmore has vowed to continue fighting for safer roads in the wake of the tragedy. In 2018, Folly Beach residents successfully pushed the South Carolina Department of Transportation to lower the speed limit by five miles per hour to 25 mph.

This tragedy has spotlighted the importance of traffic safety and raised awareness about the consequences of drunk driving. Lisa Miller and Mandi Jenkins are urging drivers to reconsider their decisions and to consider alternate modes of transportation such as Uber and Lyft. This tragedy has left a real family in mourning, and it is crucial that drivers understand the devastating consequences of their actions.



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