This Iconic TV House Is For Sale for 5.5 million!

The famous ‘Brady Bunch’ house, featured in the beloved 1970s sitcom, has returned to the market, capturing the attention of nostalgic TV fans and real estate enthusiasts alike. HGTV, the network responsible for the extensive renovation of the property, is now selling it for an asking price of $5.5 million, marking a substantial increase from its purchase price of $3.5 million in 2018. This midcentury Studio City home underwent a meticulous transformation to faithfully replicate the show’s iconic interiors, resulting in a remarkable blend of nostalgia and modernity.

Acquiring the property at 11222 Dilling Street, HGTV embarked on a remarkable renovation endeavor in 2018. The network not only revitalized the exterior of the house but also undertook a complete interior overhaul, effectively recreating the Brady family’s living room, kitchen, bedrooms, and yard. Previously existing only on the soundstage of Paramount Studios, these fictional spaces were brought to life by enlisting surviving cast members and HGTV talent for the 2019 event series, ‘A Very Brady Renovation.’ The show proved to be a major success, attracting an impressive viewership of 28 million over its four-week run.

With an estimated investment of $1.9 million, HGTV meticulously recreated the iconic elements of the ‘Brady Bunch’ home. The renovation process included adding a second story to the house and expanding its original footprint by 2,000 square feet. Notable features brought to life include the recognizable floating staircase and the vibrant orange-and-avocado kitchen, which have become synonymous with the sitcom. The painstaking attention to detail and commitment to authenticity undoubtedly contributed to the property’s enduring appeal.

While the ‘Brady Bunch’ series itself lasted only five seasons, its cultural significance has endured. The home on 11222 Dilling Street has become an icon, garnering a reputation as the second most-photographed house in America, surpassed only by the White House. When the property initially hit the market in 2018, after remaining under the same ownership since 1973, speculation arose regarding its potential redevelopment. However, a heated bidding war, featuring notable names like NSYNC singer Lance Bass, ensured its preservation and subsequent transformation into a haven for avid Brady Bunch fans.

After four years of utilizing the renovated property for HGTV specials and other series, the network has decided to sell it, likely due to waning novelty. HGTV plans to allocate a portion of the sale’s proceeds to its initiative, Turn Up: Fight Hunger, which aims to combat childhood hunger in the United States. As the listing goes live, potential buyers will have the opportunity to own not only a piece of television history but also the meticulously recreated interiors that transport them back to the 1970s.

See the Listing Here.

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