Tennis Star Abandons Match After Court Side Spat With Girlfriend

Hello everyone! Buckle up because today’s story takes us courtside to the Little Rock Open in Arkansas, where Australian tennis player Bernard Tomic brought a whole new level of drama to the game. This isn’t just any tale of athletic triumph or defeat; it’s a mix of mid-match retirements, a spat with his girlfriend, and a surprising twist.

So, here’s the scoop. Bernard Tomic, once a top-20 player, was competing on the ATP Challengers circuit in hopes of clawing his way back to the top ranks. Currently sitting at No. 247, Tomic faced off against Japan’s Yuta Shimizu. From the get-go, it was clear something was off. He lost the first set 6-1, looking distracted and disinterested. But what happened next left fans and commentators scratching their heads.

During the match, Tomic got into a heated argument with his girlfriend, Keely Hannah, who was sitting in the stands. The argument, which was uncomfortable for everyone present, revolved around Tomic’s health. He claimed he felt sick and suspected he had COVID, mentioning that his girlfriend had tested positive earlier. However, Keely insisted that her positive test was two weeks ago, not that morning.

Imagine the scene: Tomic, visibly distressed, calling for medical attention, and all the while, his girlfriend is disputing his claims from the stands. Tennis writer Zachary Cohen described the situation on social media, noting Tomic’s lack of movement and poor performance. “He hasn’t moved for a single ball and is missing literally everything,” Cohen posted, capturing the bizarre nature of the match.

The ATP Challengers commentator summed it up perfectly: “I did not anticipate having to commentate a couple’s quarrel here – but here we are. Either way, it’s uncomfortable for all the fans who just wanted to see a little bit of tennis tonight.” Indeed, the fans were left with a front-row seat to an awkward and unprecedented scene.

As the argument unfolded, it became clear Tomic wasn’t in the right frame of mind to continue. He ultimately retired from the match in the second set, citing illness. The commentator announced his retirement, saying, “Well, that’s a very awkward way to end, and a rather ‘Bernie’ way to end, isn’t it? Tough way to go out.”

After the match, it was confirmed that Tomic had indeed tested positive for COVID. This revelation explained his discomfort and need to retire but didn’t make the mid-match drama any less surreal for those watching.

So, there you have it, folks – a tale of tennis, turmoil, and unexpected twists. Bernard Tomic’s match at the Little Rock Open will be remembered not for the tennis played, but for the strange and awkward events that unfolded. As Tomic recovers, fans are left wondering what’s next for the once-promising star and how this latest chapter will shape his journey back to the top. Stay tuned, everyone, because with Bernard Tomic, you never quite know what’s coming next!

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