Super Star Jason Momoa Found Himself In A Tight Spot During Metallica Concert!

Hollywood superstar Jason Momoa showed his fervent love for metal music and his down-to-earth nature as he rocked out at Metallica’s recent concerts in Los Angeles. The Aquaman and Fast X actor was captured in photos and videos, wholeheartedly enjoying the heavy metal extravaganza alongside fellow fans.

Momoa was spotted enthusiastically participating in a mosh pit during Metallica’s set, his arms raised in the air and singing along to the music. The actor’s passion for metal music is no secret, as he has previously credited specific songs and albums for inspiring some of his iconic roles, such as Aquaman. In a 2018 interview with Metal Hammer, he revealed his character-building process, citing Tool, Metallica’s debut album “Kill ‘Em All,” and Black Sabbath as significant influences.

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The star-studded concerts drew a crowd of notables, including John Travolta, Tommy Lee, John 5 from Mötley Crüe, actress Adria Arjona, and reality TV personality Tom Sandoval. The event also featured Pantera, adding to the electrifying atmosphere of the night.

Momoa shared his concert experiences through a heartwarming Instagram post, where he disclosed his original plans to attend the show with close friend Travis Snyder, who unfortunately couldn’t make it due to an emergency surgery. Undeterred, Momoa orchestrated a touching FaceTime call between Snyder and Metallica members James Hetfield, Kirk Hammett, and Robert Trujillo. He expressed gratitude to Metallica for making this special connection happen and underscored the band’s significance in his life.

“We had it all set up. I’m so thankful for everyone who made it possible for @thetravissnyder to see @metallica and @panteraofficial with @tommorello,” Momoa wrote. “This was a dream for travis and Unfortunately we had some emergency for him last night but he’s good and healing. Still needs your aloha and mana. But im so thankful for @metallica for connecting with him. You guys are the soundtrack to our lives.”


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