Students Give Back In A HUGE Way When Teachers Life Turns Upside Down!

Students at Arcadia High School in Phoenix, Arizona, have come together to support their beloved government and economics teacher, Clayton Guy, and his wife, Angel, who recently underwent open-heart surgery. In a heartwarming display of solidarity, the students raised nearly $10,000 through a GoFundMe campaign to help the couple during their challenging time.

The ordeal began when Angel Guy experienced chest pains in the spring, prompting her to seek medical attention. As her condition worsened, doctors determined that she required open-heart surgery to address a blockage. Clayton Guy, a devoted husband, took time off from his teaching duties to accompany Angel to doctor’s appointments and assist with her recovery.

During his absence, Guy’s students noticed a significant change in his demeanor. Known for his infectious energy and inclusive teaching style, Guy became more reserved and visibly stressed due to his wife’s health issues. Concerned for their teacher and inspired by his unwavering dedication, some students, including recent graduate Parker Bond, decided to take action.

Bond described Guy as a teacher who always tried to involve everyone in the classroom. Witnessing his teacher’s struggle, Bond and several classmates wanted to alleviate his burden and show their support. Together, they initiated a fundraising campaign, setting a goal of $10,000 to help the Guy family with medical expenses and any other financial challenges they might face.

The response from the school community and beyond was heartening. The campaign quickly gained momentum as people learned about the students’ compassionate initiative. Although initially hesitant about accepting help, Clayton Guy was deeply moved by his students’ genuine concern and desire to lend a helping hand.

“I was just honored,” Guy expressed, adding that their kindness brought him to tears. “People were so kind,” he further remarked, touched by the outpouring of support.

Angel Guy successfully underwent the surgery and is currently in recovery. Her husband reported that she is in good spirits and doing well, appreciative of the love and encouragement she has received from their extended school family.



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