‘Silence is Betrayal’ Prince Harry Speaks Out On His Family’s Refusal To Reconcile

Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex, has been making headlines with his recent interviews about his estrangement from his father, King Charles III, and his brother, Prince William.

In an interview with ITV, Harry spoke of his longing for a family rather than an institution. He also spoke of feeling like the villain while detailing the family motto, “Never complain, never explain.”

Now, with the release of the six-part Netflix documentary “Harry & Meghan”, Harry is opening up even further. He is airing his grievances against the British monarchy and speaking out against the press and the royal press team.

He is also speaking of his brother and father, claiming there has been a lack of willingness to reconcile and that every time he has tried to fix the issue privately, his story has been leaked.

It is clear that there is a deep divide between the royal family and the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. This is a scandalous situation, as the royal family has been largely presented as a perfect and harmonious institution. To see a rift between two members of the royal family is a shock to many.

The media have further stoked the scandal with their coverage of Harry and Meghan’s story. Many outlets have portrayed the couple in a negative light, painting them as villains and suggesting that they have wronged the royal family.

The upcoming release of Harry’s autobiography, “Spare”, which is to be released on Jan. 10, is sure to add fuel to the fire. It is likely that the book will contain more details about the rift between Harry and his family, as well as further criticisms of the press and the royal family.

The scandal between the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and the British monarchy is sure to continue to be a source of fascination and controversy. It remains to be seen how the royal family will respond to the revelations and criticisms of Harry and Meghan.

USA Today


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