Shock & Terror As Man Creates Terrifying Situation on Asiana Airlines Flight

In a shocking incident aboard an Asiana Airlines flight bound for Daegu, South Korea, a 33-year-old man created panic among passengers by opening the emergency door mid-air. The incident, which occurred during the descent, left passengers terrified and raised questions about aviation security. Although opening the door in flight is deemed technically impossible, the man’s actions have left authorities perplexed.

The flight, carrying 194 passengers from Jeju to Daegu, encountered an alarming situation when the man sitting in the emergency exit row opened the door while the plane was still 700 feet above the ground. Passengers captured the terrifying moment on video, which showed air rushing into the cabin as a result of the open door.

Thankfully, the plane landed safely despite the alarming situation. Local police immediately arrested the man upon landing, and subsequent investigations revealed that he cited suffocation and a desire to exit quickly as his motivations for opening the door. Reportedly, the man had been under severe stress due to the loss of his job.

The consequences of his actions were not minor, as a dozen passengers suffered minor injuries, and nine of them had to be hospitalized for breathing issues. Among the passengers were elementary and middle school track and field athletes who were en route to a weekend competition.

Aviation expert Geoffrey Thomas described the occurrence as “very bizarre” since opening emergency doors mid-air is technically impossible. Nevertheless, Asiana Airlines speculated that the change in pressure during descent could have contributed to the door’s vulnerability.

“The airplane is automatically set to adjust the pressure of the cabin according to the altitude of the aircraft,” the airline said. “When the aircraft is high up in the air, it is impossible to open the door but when the altitude is low and close to landing, the door can be opened.”

The man’s actions have serious consequences, as he now faces charges of violating aviation security laws. If convicted, he could potentially face up to 10 years of imprisonment. This incident underscores the importance of stringent security measures and highlights the need for a comprehensive understanding of the psychological and emotional well-being of passengers during flights.

Asiana Airlines has affirmed its commitment to passenger safety and is likely to review its security protocols in light of this incident. The airline’s statement emphasizes the inherent difficulty of opening doors in flight but acknowledges the possibility when the aircraft is at a lower altitude, nearing the landing phase.




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