Seth Rogen: Losing a Precious Part of their Family

Hollywood couple, Seth Rogen and Lauren Miller-Rogen are in mourning over the loss of their beloved fur baby, Zelda. Zelda, who was almost 14 years old, was not just a pet to the Rogens; according to them, she was their child. This precious pup had stolen the spotlight in Seth Rogen’s movies, captivating audiences with her irresistible charm. But it was in the Rogen household that Zelda truly thrived, bringing immeasurable joy and love to her doting parents.

Lauren Miller-Rogen took to Instagram to share the sad news with their fans, posting a heartfelt tribute to Zelda. She included a carousel of pictures showcasing Zelda’s undeniable cuteness and wrote a touching caption that perfectly captured the bond they shared. In her words, Zelda was a “perfect girl” who taught them valuable lessons about love, resilience, strength, and kindness.

Describing Zelda’s unique personality, Lauren revealed that those who met her couldn’t resist being captivated by her gigantic buggy eyes. Zelda had a discerning taste when it came to human affection, making it all the more meaningful when she showered her love upon someone. It was like winning a prize, an affirmation of one’s worthiness in the eyes of this enchanting pup.

But Zelda’s impact extended far beyond the Rogen household. She had countless friends and admirers, spreading her special brand of love wherever she went. This shy little puppy, who initially struggled to find a forever home, blossomed into a globetrotter, appearing in movies and gracing magazine covers. Her adorable face inspired countless works of art, with her legacy even immortalized on a lighter that now resides in the homes of hundreds.

Lauren-Rogen’s tribute also highlighted some of Zelda’s quirks that made her stand out. From her captivating, bug-eyed gaze to the way the fur on her legs resembled fashionable culottes from the back, Zelda had a charm that was truly one-of-a-kind. And who could forget her obedient airport routine, patiently waiting to be called before dashing through metal detectors, earning her the admiration of onlookers?

Seth Rogen himself shared the same post on his Instagram, joining his wife in bidding a fond farewell to their beloved four-legged family member. The outpouring of support and condolences from fans and friends alike is a testament to Zelda’s impact and the love she brought into the world.


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