Screams of Panic and Shattered Windows: Nightmare Aboard Carnival Cruise Ship

The Carnival Sunshine cruise ship recently encountered a severe storm over the weekend, leaving passengers terrified and causing delays in its return to port in Charleston, South Carolina. First-time cruise passenger William B. Blackburn and fellow passenger Bill Hassler shared their harrowing experiences during the tumultuous weather conditions. The incident has raised questions about the cruise line’s decision to sail into such extreme weather and the safety measures in place for passengers.

William B. Blackburn, who was on deck 6 of the Carnival Sunshine, described the experience as “terrifying.” He and his family stayed in their cabin, praying for their safety while taking note of the life jackets’ locations. Blackburn doubted the chances of survival in the water even with life jackets and expressed concerns about the feasibility of launching lifeboats in those conditions. Bill Hassler, another passenger, shared video footage displaying water flooding the hallways, massive waves outside, and items strewn across retail areas. Hassler expressed his astonishment at surviving the storm and criticized the cruise line for sailing into such extreme weather conditions.

Passenger Bill Hassler questioned the decision-making process of the cruise line, asking why the ship sailed into a storm with winds exceeding 80 miles per hour. He suggested that the cruise line should have remained in the Bahamas, waiting for the storm to subside, or taken a different route. Hassler’s cabin window was even broken by a wave, allowing water to enter. He expressed his disbelief at surviving the ordeal, reflecting on the experience with a mix of relief and shock.

Carnival Cruise Line responded to the incident, acknowledging that the ship’s return to Charleston was impacted by the weather and rough seas. The prolonged impact of the weather in the Charleston area resulted in delays for both the ship’s arrival and the subsequent voyage’s embarkation. The cruise line assured the public that the ship is now sailing on its next voyage.

Blackburn captured video footage of the storm around 11 p.m. on Friday, describing the deteriorating conditions thereafter. He mentioned that the ship felt as if it had collided with a wall, causing belongings to fly off counters and baggage to slide around. The strong winds, solid walls of water spray, and rain mixed with the howling wind intensified the fear experienced by the passengers. Objects flowing down interior hallways were captured in a video posted on social media, emphasizing the severity of the situation.



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