Ryan Reynolds, Blake Lively & Taylor Swift’s Dinner: A Breakup Bond

Taylor Swift’s breakup with longtime boyfriend Joe Alwyn has not gone unnoticed by her close friends, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds. The Hollywood It couple has reportedly offered their support to Taylor by unfollowing Joe on Instagram, as noticed by eagle-eyed Swifties who quickly caught on after the trio had dinner together in New York City at Casa Cipriani. Even the Haim sisters and Taylor’s brother, Austin Swift, have followed suit.

But the love and support don’t stop there for the “Bad Blood” singer, as Blake and Ryan have always been known to be great friends of Taylor’s. The trio has been spotted on numerous occasions, with Taylor even putting all of their children’s names in her songs, proving how close they all are.

Ryan Reynolds has recently opened up about life with his four children, jokingly saying that he follows their private Instagram account. The actor also shared his love for a big family, having grown up in one himself, as did his wife, Blake. Though they haven’t officially confirmed it, fans are convinced that their latest child’s name is Daisy Mae, as inspired by Taylor’s song lyrics from “You’re on Your Own Kid.”

Meanwhile, Reynolds joked about the name of their daughter in a recent event in London, saying that they called her Cocaine Bear, but they picked the name before the film was released, so they’re involved in a litigation battle now.

It’s heartwarming to see the bond between Taylor, Blake, and Ryan continue to flourish, especially during difficult times like these. With supportive friends like them, we have no doubt that Taylor will come out of this breakup stronger than ever. And who knows, maybe one day we’ll get to hear her new breakup song inspired by her recent split with Joe. Until then, we’ll continue to look up to her and her amazing circle of friends.

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