Riley Gaines Makes Controversial Call to Action – Watch!

In a recent tweet, Riley Gaines called on famous female athletes to join her cause, urging them to speak up and share their thoughts on males competing against women. The first athletes she reached out to were none other than the world-famous tennis stars, Serena and Venus Williams. Gaines wants to know how they feel about this controversial topic, as their opinions could have a significant impact on the conversation.

This issue hits close to home for Gaines, who experienced it firsthand during the 200-meter NCAA championship. Tying for fifth place with transgender swimmer Lia Thomas, Gaines felt compelled to speak out in defense of preserving women’s sports for biological females. She believes that allowing biological men into women’s sports simply doesn’t work and can have serious consequences for female athletes.

Gaines raised important questions in an interview with Fox News. How many girls have to be injured? How many girls have to lose out on scholarships, trophies, and titles? And how many girls have to feel violated in the locker room before action is taken? These are concerns that need to be addressed to ensure a fair and safe environment for female athletes.

While transgender athletes have achieved success in women’s sports, such as CeCé Telfer winning an NCAA title in track and field and Lia Thomas securing victory in swimming, Gaines argues that it’s time for women and girls to take a stand. She’s calling for a boycott, encouraging female athletes to refuse to compete against trans athletes as a way to raise awareness and demand change.

Gaines acknowledges the sacrifice she’s asking women to make, recognizing that they shouldn’t have to give up anything to bring about these necessary changes. However, she believes that it’s essential to draw attention to the issue and ensure that women’s sports remain exclusive to biological females.

As for the Williams sisters, Serena and Venus, they have yet to comment on the matter. It remains to be seen how these influential athletes will contribute to the ongoing conversation about transgender athletes in women’s sports.

Fox News


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