Reese Witherspoon Hits Back At Trolls Mad At Her Snow Recipe Video

Reese Witherspoon, the 47-year-old actress known for her roles in films like “Legally Blonde,” recently found herself at the center of a viral TikTok video controversy.

Witherspoon posted a video demonstrating how to make a winter treat she called a “snow salt chococinno.” In the video, she ventured outside to scoop up two cups of fresh snow, which she later combined with salted caramel, chocolate syrup, and cold brew in giant mugs.

The TikTok video quickly sparked a debate among viewers about the safety of eating snow from outside.

Concerns were raised about potential health risks, with comments ranging from warnings about getting seriously sick to questioning the safety of consuming snow. Some even suggested melting the snow in a clear cup before consuming to ensure safety.

In response to the criticism, Witherspoon took to TikTok again to address the concerns. She highlighted that she grew up in a time when kids dared to drink unfiltered water and emphasized that people were claiming snow to be dirty.

In a second clip, she showed that the snow from her backyard, when microwaved, resulted in clear water, countering claims of it being unsafe.

Witherspoon laughed off suggestions to filter the snow, stating, “Filter snow? I don’t know how to do that.” She shared a nostalgic perspective, recalling a time when drinking unfiltered tap water was the norm. Some commenters supported the actress, reminiscing about surviving the unfiltered water of the 1990s and questioning the severity of consuming snow.

The viral video and subsequent debate highlighted the intersection of nostalgia, changing perceptions of food safety, and Witherspoon’s light-hearted response to critics.

The actress’s humorous take on the situation resonated with some viewers who shared their own experiences of consuming snow-based treats without adverse effects. As the snow controversy continues to circulate online, it remains to be seen whether Witherspoon’s “snow salt chococinno” will become a winter trend or a fleeting social media moment.

Daily Wire


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