Prince George Turns 10 and Already Is Bucking Tradition!

Saturday marked a momentous occasion as Prince George, the eldest son of the Prince and Princess of Wales, celebrated his 10th birthday with a newfound air of maturity and confidence. In a photograph shared by his parents, the young prince appeared relaxed and at ease, exuding a striking resemblance to his father, Prince William. Dressed in a check shirt, chinos, and brown suede brogues, the future king looked every bit as smart and casual as his father.

However, George’s most striking feature, his sparkling hazel-green eyes, is undoubtedly inherited from his mother, Princess Catherine. The young prince, along with his siblings Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis, now resides at Windsor’s Adelaide Cottage on the royal estate, where they have reportedly settled in famously at their new school, Lambrook in Berkshire.

Despite his royal lineage, Prince George’s parents have taken great care to provide him with a happy and protected childhood, and they continue to slowly introduce him to public life. Recently, he made appearances at Wimbledon and the Royal International Air Tattoo, as well as assuming the role of Page of Honour in his grandfather’s coronation.

Notably, a significant departure from centuries of tradition may be in the cards for Prince George. As second in line to the throne, he is not expected to serve in the military before becoming king. Breaking away from the longstanding practice of other royals, including his father, uncle, grandfather, great-grandmother, and great-grandfather, who all served in the military, Prince George may be granted the freedom to shape his own destiny.

The decision has sparked debate among experts and historians. While some argue that military service lends crucial legitimacy to the monarchy and imparts important life skills for royal duties, others contend that times have changed, and it is essential to adapt institutions accordingly. A longtime friend of Prince William remarked that the young prince need not follow the traditional route, suggesting he could pursue a career as an astronaut or any other vocation he desires before eventually assuming the throne.

However, opinions on this potential change vary. General Sir Richard Barrons, former head of Joint Forces Command, expressed a sense of regret that Prince George might miss out on the unique experience of serving in the Armed Forces, which has been a significant tradition for young royals. On the other hand, Royal biographer A. N. Wilson believes that maintaining the tradition would be a snub to the Armed Forces and acknowledges that the world is changing, including the role of the monarchy.

As Prince George grows and matures, it remains to be seen what path he will choose to take. For now, he continues to enjoy his childhood, engaging in activities like representing his school in cricket and demonstrating exceptional swimming and sailing skills.

The young prince’s 10th birthday serves as a reminder that time moves swiftly, and while tradition plays an important role in the monarchy, embracing change might be necessary to ensure a balanced and happy future for the future king of Britain.



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