Pop Star Warns Parents With Surprising Concert Rule

Rapper Doja Cat sent a strong message to her fans who bring their kids to her controversial concerts. The 28-year-old singer bluntly told her fans to “not bring their kids to her show because she doesn’t create music for children.” The outspoken social media post appeared on April 26 on X, the first of several posts related to the topic.

Doja Cat also expressed puzzlement about the issue while using profanity-laced language. She followed up the first post with more lyrical references to adult-themed music. The “Say So” hitmaker also responded to one fan by saying, “Rappin about eatin d**k … leave your mistake at home.”

Several of the rapper’s songs have explicit lyrics and themes that address adult humor and topics like fellatio. However, some of her fans take their children to her concerts, and the rapper seems to be frustrated by that practice. In the song “F**K the Girls (FTG), ” lyrics appear to address this issue, making it clear that the rapper sees no place for children at her shows.

Doja Cat’s comments have been described as “unfiltered” and “direct” by some sources, who also hinted at an ironic undertone to her statements. In the past, the singer lost a quarter-million followers on Instagram due to a backlash from some of her social media posts.

In one, she made waves by labeling some of her fans as “creepy.” After seeing the mass unfollowing, she declared that she felt “free” from a “large beast” that had been holding her back.

The description’s historical account says even though the rapper’s fan base loved her for’ what she is’ and not’ what she does.’This continued following posts she published on X regarding her fan base, emphasizing the subject. In those statements, she criticized individuals who called themselves “Kittenz” to save themselves as devoted to her. She claimed that fans who referred to themselves in this way insulted their parents’ assets at home.

Doja Cat caused controversy in 2020 with a series of now-deleted tweets. In them, she responded negatively to fans who gave themselves the name “Kittenz” believing they were devoted to her. She advised to get off the phone and start working to help their parents, by insulting their parents’ family.

The rapper’s candidness has always been of amusement to fans, even though she doesn’t shy away from speaking her mind. Many of her fans commented similarly, commending her for being genuine in her expression. Above all, others suggested that kids should only be allowed to Kids-friendly concerts/events.

Some fans showed their empathy to Doja Cat, praising her for calling out those who brought kids to her concerts, even though other followers indicated she was “uncivil.”

She wanted to talk intimately about this matter on last year, someone had to write “something likes to brought it up, watt indication changing that brought that all back, watt can anyone sand about that, if anyone comprehend it, they wake me shout that, umpty-umpty, my phone under fuse bottle, you perspicacious for revenge” after love replacement of some lyrics.

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