Outrage After What Local Community Did To Christmas Tree

Wisconsin Representative Mike Gallagher (R-Wis) has expressed strong condemnation over the National Railroad Museum’s decision to display a Christmas tree from a Satanic temple at its annual Christmas tree festival. In an appearance on Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures,” Gallagher decried the tree as “offensive to Christians” and argued that conservatives are not initiating a culture war but defending basic traditions from what he perceives as encroaching “woke ideology” and “offensive upside-down cultural propaganda.” He emphasized the desire to shield children from such influences.

The Christmas tree in question is adorned with pentagrams, red lights, beads, and an ornament reading “Hail Santa,” a play on the phrase “Hail Satan.” Gallagher expressed his strong disapproval, stating that the presence of such a tree at the museum would deter him from taking his children there.

The National Railroad Museum’s Festival of Trees event, featuring 66 trees, draws over 20,000 visitors each holiday season. The inclusion of a tree associated with a Satanic temple has sparked controversy, with local Wisconsin pastor Luke Farwell expressing reservations. Farwell acknowledged the importance of free speech but questioned the necessity of featuring diverse ideologies in such venues. He urged Christians to exercise their ability to respect freedom of expression while acknowledging offensive displays.

Farwell underscored the significance of Christmas as a celebration of God’s love and care for the world. He urged Christians to remember the Good Shepherd’s voice for both the sheep and the wolves and encouraged them to assert their voice in acknowledging offensive displays while respecting the broader principle of free expression.

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