Naked Sailor Rescued After 14 Hours at Sea In a Capsized Boat!

In a remarkable tale of survival, Australian rower Tom Robinson, 24, was rescued from the Pacific Ocean after spending 14 harrowing hours clinging to his capsized boat. Robinson, a native of Brisbane, was on the final leg of a 15-month voyage across the Pacific when disaster struck near Vanuatu, a South Pacific nation comprising around 80 islands. The incident occurred when a rogue wave, seemingly out of nowhere, overturned his 24-foot rowing boat.

Remarkably, Robinson, who customarily rowed naked to prevent chafing, found himself adrift without clothes when the wave hit. After escaping the flooded cabin, he tethered himself to the overturned vessel, battling constant waves breaking over it while clinging for dear life. The French Navy spotted his boat late on Thursday, prompting a rescue effort by P&O’s Pacific Explorer, a cruise ship with 2,000 passengers onboard on a round-trip to Auckland. The ship made a 124-mile detour to reach Robinson.

Tom Robinson was rescued by a commercial cruise ship . PHOTO: INSTAGRAM; COSS NOUVELLE-CALEDONIE FACEBOOK

To effect the rescue, Robinson had to climb naked up a rope ladder hanging from the side of the cruise ship. Despite the disruption to the cruise itinerary, he expressed gratitude to the P&O Cruises staff for their helpful and kind assistance. The rescue mission caused the cruise to miss two scheduled ports of call.

After the ordeal, Robinson, suffering from sunburn and dehydration, returned to Brisbane, Australia, where he was joyously reunited with his parents. Robinson’s mother, relieved and pleased to have him home, described the stressful night they endured until the Friday morning call confirming his safety.

Reflecting on the incident, Robinson, surprisingly calm throughout the ordeal, shared his unwavering faith that help would arrive. Now, back on solid ground, he envisions writing a book about his extraordinary experience and, perhaps one day, completing the last leg of his interrupted Pacific voyage—a dream he has harbored since the age of 14.

The incident, though perilous, underscores the resilience and determination that fueled Robinson’s survival and highlights the collaborative efforts of the French Navy and the P&O Cruises team in rescuing him from the vast expanse of the Pacific Ocean.



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