Must-See Video: Workers Unleash Vicious Attack On Jewel Thief To Save Store!

In a dramatic turn of events, employees at a Los Angeles County jewelry store thwarted a would-be jewel thief in a shocking broad-daylight confrontation captured on video. The incident unfolded at Meza’s Jewelry in El Monte around 2:12 p.m. on Saturday, leaving both employees and the attempted robber in a chaotic brawl.

The unidentified employee described the intense struggle, saying, “Me, my uncle, and my dad were tugging him out.” In the video footage, store workers are seen resorting to physical force, punching, kicking, and even employing a stick to subdue the robber. The employees managed to rip off the thief’s shirt as he retreated in terror, fleeing down the street with his pants slipping down in the process.

The employee revealed that their actions were driven by a desire to protect their family, as the thief had been assaulting their father and uncle during the altercation. Two individuals from the store attempted to pursue the fleeing robber down the street, but he managed to elude them.

The incident began when the assailant entered the store wielding a hammer and proceeded to smash a display case, creating a chaotic and dangerous situation. To further complicate matters, the thief resorted to using pepper spray on the store’s employees, who were operating a family-run business, according to information provided by the police.

Several employees sustained minor injuries during the altercation but displayed remarkable resilience in their efforts to thwart the robbery. Despite their courageous actions, the suspect, who has not been publicly identified, managed to escape and remains at large as of Sunday afternoon.

Efforts to obtain a comment from the El Monte Police Department were unsuccessful at the time of reporting.

This attempted robbery at Meza’s Jewelry adds to a troubling trend of smash-and-grab incidents occurring throughout southern California. In a recent incident just last week, a group of masked thieves conducted a brazen heist at a Sherman Oaks Macy’s in broad daylight. Described as individuals in their 20s, they swiftly filled large bags with merchandise before making their escape in two vehicles, leaving shoppers in astonishment.

New York Post


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