Kourtney Kardashian Drops MAJOR Baby News – See Her Bump!

Kourtney Kardashian, the eldest sister of the famous Kardashian clan, has recently shared some exciting news with her fans. Over the weekend, Kourtney revealed her baby bump in a series of adorable photos posted online. It seems that this pregnancy was a well-kept secret, as her belly appears to be quite big, suggesting that she’s well into the first trimester, and possibly even further along.

The photos showcase Kourtney and her husband, Travis Barker, affectionately embracing each other. The couple can be seen sharing kisses, hugs, and even engaging in a playful moment of drumming, with Travis lightly using his drumsticks on Kourtney’s baby bump. In one heartwarming shot, Travis leans in to kiss the baby-to-be, showing his excitement and anticipation for their growing family.

The announcement of Kourtney’s pregnancy came as a shock to Travis, as his genuine surprise was captured during a live Blink-182 concert. Kourtney creatively broke the news by displaying it on classic signage, adding an element of old-school charm to the reveal. It’s intriguing to note that despite living and sleeping together, Travis seemingly had no prior inkling of Kourtney’s pregnancy. With her noticeable baby bump, one might wonder how she managed to keep the secret under wraps until the right moment.

While it’s unclear how long Kourtney has been pregnant, it’s likely that her sisters were aware of the news. Additionally, Shanna Moakler, Travis’s ex-wife, claims to have known about the pregnancy for several weeks. If true, it demonstrates Kourtney’s ability to keep the information discreet until she was ready to share it with the world.

This forthcoming child will be Kourtney’s fourth, as she already has three children with her former partner, Scott Disick. For Travis, this will be his third child. The couple has expressed their desire to have children together since their whirlwind romance blossomed into a fairy tale love story. Now, their wish is set to come true with the arrival of their new bundle of joy.




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