Katy Perry Receives Angry Backlash After Posting A Picture Of Her Voting

Katy Perry has received a myriad of angry comments from fans after voting for former Republican Rick Caruso to be mayor of Los Angeles.

Fans are angry and confused due to the fact that on Monday, November 7th, Perry tweeted out a video in support of abortion rights and Roe v Wade. However, just a few hours later posted a photo to Instagram showing her casting her ballot for Caruso with a thumbs-up.

“I am voting for a myriad of reasons but in particular because Los Angeles is a hot mess atm,” she wrote.


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To say the least, fans were uninspired considering her recent vote.

Former Replucian turned Democrat- Rick Caruso, is a billionaire and devout Catholic. He switched his voter registration from independent to Democrat in January of this year just before announcing he would be running for LA mayor.

Much of the criticism is centered on the fact that Caruso has a questionable record when it comes to women’s rights regarding abortion. Representatives told ABC7 that “Rick has always been pro-choice and has always supported Roe v Wade”.

However, an interview with Caruso in LA Magazine from 2007 reported that “he opposes abortion in most cases but would support some stem cell research.” The mayoral candidate has also made donations to anti-abortion politicians this year.

Speaking even further of his questionable stand, the University of Southern California’s Caruso Catholic Center made a $9 million donation. The center has publicly opposed California’s Proposition 1 whose goal is to protect abortion rights in the state following the overturning of Roe v Wade.

One fan described Perry as a “f**king fraud”, adding: “You literally voted for an anti-abortion billionaire to be mayor of Los Angeles.”

“Katy Perry tweeting out a pro-choice video while voting for Rick Caruso would be objectively hilarious if it wasn’t painfully dumb,” said another.



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