K-9 Officer Escapes Violent Assault with 12 Wounds!

Canine Norbi, a courageous police dog in upstate New York, is expected to make a full recovery after sustaining a dozen stab wounds while apprehending a suspected home intruder. The incident occurred in the early hours of Wednesday morning when Norbi and his unidentified human partner were on the trail of 25-year-old Curtis Knockwood, a man believed to be responsible for a series of break-ins in Troy, New York.

When the police duo caught up with the suspect in a wooded area near the Emerald Greens neighborhood, Knockwood allegedly lunged at Norbi, prompting the brave Belgian Malinois to react instinctively. Norbi swiftly sank his teeth into the suspect’s leg, but Knockwood retaliated by drawing a knife and viciously stabbing the canine. Despite the assailant penetrating Norbi’s harness and inflicting at least 12 wounds to the dog’s torso, Norbi held his ground.

Norbi’s handler attempted to subdue Knockwood with a Taser, but the attempt proved ineffective. Fortunately, two additional officers arrived at the scene to provide assistance. Unfortunately, one of the officers suffered a broken foot during the altercation. Nonetheless, the combined efforts of Norbi and the officers resulted in a successful arrest, according to a statement issued by the Troy Police Department.

Following the incident, Knockwood was taken to Samaritan Hospital for treatment of the dog bite, while Canine Norbi was immediately rushed to Upstate Veterinary Services for emergency care. Despite the severity of his injuries, Norbi’s luck held, and he was released the same day after receiving treatment. Troy police announced that Canine Norbi is expected to make a full recovery and will return to active duty after a period of rest and rehabilitation.

Upon Norbi’s return to the police office, fellow officers lined the entryway, applauding and celebrating his heroic actions. The Troy Police Department expressed their continued reliance on the exceptional skills and dedication of their K-9 Unit, including Canine Norbi, in their ongoing efforts to protect and serve the residents of Troy.

Meanwhile, Curtis Knockwood faced the consequences of his alleged crimes. Clad in a hospital gown, he limped into Troy City Court later that afternoon. Knockwood pleaded not guilty to charges of felony burglary and misdemeanor injuring a police animal. The court denied his bail request, and he was subsequently remanded to the Rensselaer County jail. Knockwood is scheduled to appear in court again on Monday, where further legal proceedings will take place.


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