Judge Rules in War With Exes: Actor Kevin Costner Gets Ruling!

In a recent update on the ongoing custody battle between actor Kevin Costner and his ex-wife Christine Baumgartner, Costner expressed his sentiments on the matter, stating that there are no real winners in such a situation. Speaking exclusively to Fox News Digital, Costner reflected on their long history together and the challenges of unraveling a life that once seemed secure.

Costner acknowledged Baumgartner’s qualities as a mother and expressed optimism about their co-parenting future, emphasizing the need to take some time to adjust to their new circumstances.

The latest development in the legal battle involved a ruling by Judge Thomas Anderle, who sided with Costner and determined that his monthly child support payments would remain at $63,209. This decision followed Baumgartner’s request for an increase to $161,592, which had been temporarily set at $129,755.

During his testimony, Costner admitted that the divorce had shaken up his world and that he felt a sense of responsibility towards his children. He emphasized the importance of spending more time with them to help them navigate this challenging period.

The court proceedings also delved into Costner’s financial situation, where he appeared somewhat unaware of his earnings and expenditures, relying on his accountant’s figures. Costner revealed that he had signed financial documents, believing the numbers to be accurate.

When questioned about the couple’s properties, Costner described the personal touches Baumgartner had added to their shared $145 million Carpenteria home. He acknowledged that her new rental property was comparable but not equal to their previous residence. However, he hesitated to trade homes, as their three children had grown up at the Beach Club Compound.

Costner reminisced about the early days of his relationship with Baumgartner, highlighting their “epic dates” and her upfront desire to have children, which he appreciated.

Both Costner and Baumgartner took the stand during the two-day hearings. Costner admitted to receiving simplified financial information from his team, acknowledging gaps in his knowledge.

Baumgartner, too, faced questioning, shedding tears at times, especially when their Aspen ranch was mentioned. She had filed for divorce from Costner in May, citing “irreconcilable differences,” and continued her pursuit of a new monthly child custody order, initially requesting $248,000 per month compared to Costner’s offer of $51,000.

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