Josh Duhamel Gets Ready For The Worst In Case Of ‘S*** Hitting The Fan’

In a recent interview, renowned actor Josh Duhamel, known for his role in the blockbuster “Transformers” franchise, made a surprising revelation about his new passion for self-sufficiency and preparedness. Duhamel, 50, confessed to becoming a “doomsday prepper” and has gone to great lengths to build a remote compound in North Dakota, where he and his family can seek refuge should a catastrophic event occur in Los Angeles.

Duhamel initially started with a modest cabin in the woods, devoid of electricity and running water. However, his commitment to his newfound lifestyle prompted him to acquire the adjacent property, resulting in a stunning 54-acre compound. Through tireless effort, he transformed the land, creating trails and cultivating crops. The actor proudly shared his progress, documenting the development on various social media platforms.

The compound now boasts two cabins, both equipped with wells and electricity, albeit modest in size. Duhamel’s vision extends beyond basic survival; he has ventured into cultivating crops, including corn and pumpkins. Interestingly, he began with clover and chicory to feed the deer population, which he hopes to eventually hunt if circumstances necessitate it.

Acknowledging his unconventional passion, Duhamel acknowledged, “I’ve become a bit of a doomsday prepper, I guess. So I’m learning how to hunt. I have wells. We have water. We have fuel. I’m building something so if things do go south, I have a place to take my family. And I believe that we could live off the land out there. I’m not very good at it yet, but I’m getting there,” he added. “It keeps my lizard brain active.”

Duhamel emphasized that his motives are rooted in a genuine desire to safeguard his family’s well-being. The actor recognizes the importance of honing survival skills and has taken up hunting to supplement his family’s food supply in a hypothetical post-apocalyptic scenario.


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With wells, water, and fuel secured, Duhamel is confident in his ability to sustain his family off the land in the face of adversity. While he admits that he is still learning and developing his skills, he remains committed to his doomsday-prepping endeavors, highlighting the importance of keeping his “lizard brain” active and prepared for any eventuality.

In an era of uncertainty, the concept of self-reliance and preparedness has gained traction among individuals from various walks of life. Josh Duhamel’s foray into the world of doomsday prepping serves as a compelling example of how one can blend the demands of modernity with an innate instinct for self-preservation. His dedication to building a haven in the heart of nature underscores the need for individuals to embrace self-sufficiency and be ready for unforeseen challenges.

While some may raise eyebrows at the notion of preparing for worst-case scenarios, Duhamel’s journey reminds us that self-reliance and a connection with nature can empower individuals and provide a sense of security in an ever-changing world. It is through this lens that we can appreciate the actor’s commitment to safeguarding his loved ones and his determined efforts to live off the land.


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