Jamie Fox Gives A Tearful Update on His Hospitalization- Watch!

In an emotional three-minute recording released on Friday night, Academy Award-winning actor Jamie Foxx shared a detailed update on his health, three months after being hospitalized for an unspecified ‘medical complication.’ The 55-year-old reassured his fans that he is not ‘blind’ or ‘paralyzed,’ expressing gratitude for the support and love he received during his challenging journey.

With tears in his eyes, Foxx admitted he went through a harrowing experience he never expected to face. He explained that he hesitated to provide an update earlier as he wanted his fans to remember him for his laughter, humor, and joyous moments, rather than seeing him in a vulnerable state with tubes and medical uncertainties.

Foxx credited his sister, Deondra Dixon, and his daughter, Corinne, 29, for being instrumental in saving his life and protecting his privacy during his hospitalization. He also acknowledged the contributions of the medical professionals and, above all, expressed gratitude to God for his recovery.

During the video, Foxx demonstrated his eye movements to show that his vision is intact and explicitly stated that he is not paralyzed. The actor thanked everyone for the outpouring of love and support he received, both from his fans and fellow celebrities.

The beloved actor, known for his talent and charm, got emotional as he revealed that the recovery process had been tough. Nevertheless, he assured his fans that he is getting stronger and will be back in action soon, returning to work, movies, and music.

Foxx, whose health scare occurred shortly after returning to the set of the thriller “Back in Action,” also addressed the rumors of a “meltdown” on set. Though it remains unclear what the movie’s status is, he expressed hope that the project would move forward smoothly in post-production.

Within an hour of posting the video, Jamie Foxx received an overwhelming response, amassing more than 18 Million views and receiving thousands of messages from his supporters and celebrity peers. LL Cool J, among others, expressed his relief at seeing Foxx back in good health.

As the actor prepares to resume his work in the entertainment industry, he wants to be remembered for the joy he brings to people’s lives through his performances in movies, music, and comedy.





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