Jada Pinkett Smith Admits to Living Separate Lives with Will for the Past 7 Years!

Jada Pinkett Smith disclosed in a series of interviews on Wednesday that she and her husband, Will Smith, have been living separate lives for the past seven years. The stunning admission sheds light on the couple’s seemingly united front at public events, effectively maintaining a charade as a committed couple since their 2016 separation.

Jada shared this information during interviews with People Magazine and ‘Today,’ acknowledging that even today, she and Will continue to live separately. The revelation adds a new layer of complexity to their relationship, especially given that they presented a united front at events, including the Oscars where Will Smith slapped comedian Chris Rock last year.

The disclosure comes after Jada had previously confirmed having an “entanglement” with family friend August Alsina a few years ago, which had already exposed cracks in their relationship. In these recent interviews, Jada refrains from delving into the specifics that led to their separation, mentioning only that there were “a lot of things” preceding their breakup. Notably, she also revealed she hasn’t filed for divorce, expressing a commitment to “working through anything.”

One intriguing aspect of Jada’s revelations is her admission that she contemplated suicide during a period of depression, actively seeking out locations such as cliffs. This disclosure adds a poignant dimension to the challenges she has faced personally.

The interviews suggest that Jada and Will have consciously maintained an appearance of unity despite the underlying separation. Jada frames their relationship as a partnership, emphasizing a commitment to working through difficulties. The complexity of their situation is expected to be further explored in a more in-depth interview on ‘Today’ scheduled for Friday.

Jada Pinkett Smith’s upcoming memoir, titled ‘Worthy,’ is set to hit the shelves on October 17, promising to provide more insights into the intricacies of their relationship and the personal struggles she faced.



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