Hot Dog Eating Star Gets Dropped From Competition After Signing Endorsement

Hello everyone, big news in the world of competitive eating! Joey Chestnut, the undisputed champion of the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest, will not be participating in this year’s iconic event. Chestnut, who has dominated the July 4th competition with 16 titles to his name, recently signed a deal with a vegan wiener brand called Impossible Foods, and this new partnership has caused quite a stir.

Born in California, Chestnut has been a staple at the Coney Island event, famously setting a world record in 2021 by devouring 76 hot dogs and buns in just 10 minutes.

Last year, he continued his winning streak with 62 hot dogs, further solidifying his legendary status. However, his new deal with Impossible Foods means he won’t be defending his title at this year’s contest.

The Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest, which has been held annually at the corner of Stillwell and Surf avenues since 1916, is a beloved tradition. A representative from Major League Eating (MLE), which oversees the event, expressed disappointment over Chestnut’s decision. According to the New York Post, the MLE tried to accommodate Chestnut’s demands but couldn’t accept him representing a competing hot dog brand.

“We are devastated to learn that Joey Chestnut has chosen to represent a rival brand that sells plant-based hot dogs rather than competing in the 2024 Nathan’s Famous Fourth of July Hot Dog Eating Contest,” an MLE statement read.

The organization highlighted the efforts made to keep Chestnut in the competition, including negotiating appearance fees and allowing him to participate in other contests. Despite these efforts, Chestnut’s new partnership has created a rift.

MLE’s statement emphasized the exclusivity provisions that have been in place for nearly two decades and expressed hope for a future reconciliation. “We would love nothing more than to have him at the Nathan’s Famous International Hot Dog Eating Contest. We hope he returns when he is not representing a rival brand,” the company added, labeling Chestnut as “an American hero.”

Reports indicate that Chestnut was offered a lucrative deal to stay, including a $200,000 appearance fee last year and a proposed four-year contract worth $1.2 million. However, an insider hinted that the situation might still be resolved before July 4th, depending on Chestnut’s decisions. The insider likened the situation to a scenario where Michael Jordan wanted to represent both Nike and Adidas.

Chestnut himself took to social media to clarify his stance. On X, he wrote, “I do not have a contract with MLE or Nathan’s and they are looking to change the rules from past years as it relates to other partners I can work with. This is apparently the basis on which I’m being banned, and it doesn’t impact the July 4th event.”

This turn of events has left fans in shock and anticipation. Will the hot dog-eating legend make a last-minute return, or will this be the first year without Joey Chestnut since 2007? Only time will tell. Until next time, folks, stay tuned and keep your appetites ready for more thrilling updates!

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