Home Improvement Star Faces Another Arrest

Actor Zachery Ty Bryan, known for his role as Brad Taylor on the hit TV show Home Improvement, has found himself in legal trouble once again. The 42-year-old was arrested on Saturday, February 17, in La Quinta, California, for an alleged DUI. According to police, Bryan was also charged with a misdemeanor for contempt of court.

Bryan’s bail was set at $50,000 for the felony charge, with an additional $15,000 for the contempt of court charge. He was released the same day as his arrest and is scheduled to appear in court on April 23.

This is not the first time the former child star has had a run-in with the law. In July 2023, Bryan was arrested and charged with fourth-degree felony assault, third-degree robbery, and harassment after a dispute with a woman. He pleaded guilty to the felony assault charge and received a seven-day jail sentence. The other charges were dismissed as part of a negotiated resolution.

Bryan’s fiancée Johnnie Faye Cartwright has shown her support for him, telling US Weekly, “Trauma can bring struggles in many shapes and forms. It’s a horrible situation that’s going to be spun in so many ways.” It is not clear if Cartwright was the woman involved in the 2020 altercation that resulted in Bryan’s previous arrest for alleged strangling.

In 2020, Bryan also opened up about the stress of being a child star and how it impacted his transition into adulthood. He stated, “You were stigmatized as a TV star, and no matter how good your audition, you were never going to be taken seriously. But I kept at it.” He also noted, “As an actor, you’re like a cow going to the slaughterhouse, and you have to rely on so many people, from an agent to manager to lawyer. I figured I didn’t necessarily have to act anymore, there are other directions to go.”

It seems like the pressure and scrutiny of fame have taken a toll on Bryan over the years. In addition to his legal troubles, he has also faced personal struggles, such as his divorce from his wife of 14 years in 2018.

Friends and fans of Bryan are concerned about his well-being and hope he can get the help he needs to overcome his troubles and move forward. Many have expressed their support and encouragement for him during this difficult time.

This latest arrest has only added to the troubled recent years of the once-beloved child star. Tim Allen, who played Bryan’s TV father on Home Improvement, has previously acknowledged that the actor has gone through some tough times and called him “complex” and “corrupted.”

Bryan’s next court appearance will likely shed more light on the details of his arrest and the events leading up to his DUI charge. Until then, his fans and loved ones can only hope for the best and pray for his recovery.



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