HGTV’s Brother Vs Brother Jonathan Scott Reveals Big Plans

Renovations to Jonathan Scott’s home in Los Angeles have been done with his family in mind. Speaking to PEOPLE ahead of the Los Angeles Builders Ball, a Habitat for Humanity event, the Property Brothers star shared his intentions to make sure his home will grow with his family, which includes his girlfriend Zooey Deschanel and her two children.

The 44-year-old HGTV star explained that the changes to his living space were to honor his life with Deschanel, 43, and her kids. “Nothing’s more important than home,” Jonathan said. “And the older I get, the more I realize how much I appreciate being home with the kids and being home with Zooey.”

The couple is also enjoying having Jonathan’s parents close by in the guest house. “It’s nice cause we have our parents in our guest house right now as well, so having everybody so close,” Jonathan said.

Jonathan also shared that he “literally designed this house to solve every problem we have.” He said, “Make sure that as the kids get older, you know, the house will grow with them, and we can host and entertain. And so, for me, everything we’ve done is so we can hold those people we love closer.”

In January, Jonathan spoke to Today about his relationship with Deschanel’s two kids, son Charlie Wolf, 5, and daughter Elsie Otter, 7, and how he helps to co-parent them with the actress and the kids’ father, Deschanel’s ex-husband Jacob Pechenik. Jonathan said he “enjoys every minute” of co-parenting the kids with Deschanel and Pechenik.

Jonathan also shared a touching story about Charlie’s artwork. “Our youngest came back from school with a picture that he had drawn, and in the picture, he has Mommy and Daddy and Jonathan and his sister and our puppies,” Jonathan said. “He had drawn this whole picture. This is his happy family. I think that was when I was like, that’s pretty sweet because the way we think of it is, he has the benefit of a ‘bonus dad,’ How cool is that? You have more people that love you.”



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