Hero Cop Does One Of The Most Dangerous Things You Can Do To Save Boy

In a heart-pounding incident, Officer Troy Ellison of the Jonesboro Police Department in Arkansas displayed exceptional bravery as he rescued a frightened boy from a frozen pond.

The dramatic rescue was captured on body cam footage, showcasing Ellison’s swift response to a call reporting a boy falling through the ice on Gladiolus Drive on Sunday morning.

Responding to the emergency, Officer Ellison navigated through the snow, jumping over a fence to reach the small frozen pond. In the video, Ellison can be heard reassuringly saying, “Alright bud… I gotcha, I gotcha,” as the distressed boy clung onto the frozen edge of the pond. Ellison, demonstrating both courage and compassion, approached the child on his hands and knees to ease the situation.

As the tension escalated, additional police officers and members of the Jonesboro Fire Department rushed to the scene. A rope was thrown to Officer Ellison, who used it in an attempt to pull the boy to safety. The video captures the collaborative efforts of the first responders, showcasing the dedication of those involved in the rescue operation.

In a climactic moment, one of the fire officers made his way onto the ice, and together with Officer Ellison, successfully pulled the young boy to safety.

The child, fully clothed in a red hoodie, jeans, and sneakers, was promptly taken to a local hospital to undergo evaluation for potential cold weather injuries.

The Jonesboro Police Department commended the heroic actions of Officer Troy Ellison, emphasizing his quick response and effective coordination with Lt. Shon Morris and members of the Jonesboro Fire Department. The department shared the video on Facebook, acknowledging the officers’ dedication and commitment to ensuring a positive outcome in a challenging situation.

In a statement accompanying the video, the Jonesboro Police Department issued a reminder to the public about the dangers of playing on ice, emphasizing that it is never safe, regardless of the cold temperatures during winter. Despite the potential risks, the police department expressed relief that this particular incident concluded with a happy ending.

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