Heartbreaking Scene at Cliffside Proposal-Watch

A joyous moment turned into a heart-wrenching tragedy when a newly engaged woman slipped and fell to her death off a cliff in Canakkale, Turkey. Yesim Demir, 39, and her fiancé, Nizamettin Gursu, were elatedly celebrating their engagement with a sunset picnic on July 6 when the unimaginable occurred.

The couple had carefully chosen the picturesque Polente Cape in northwestern Turkey as the setting for their romantic proposal. Gursu had just popped the question and had gone back to their car to fetch celebratory food and drinks when he was jolted by a horrifying scream. Rushing back to the cliffside spot, he discovered Demir had lost her balance and plunged over 100 feet off the steep cliff.

Despite surviving the massive fall initially, Demir tragically succumbed to her injuries. Gursu acted swiftly, calling for help immediately. Medical responders arrived on the scene promptly, engaging in rigorous resuscitation efforts for 45 minutes. Regrettably, their valiant attempts were in vain, and Demir was pronounced dead at the site.

Friends of the couple expressed their grief and shock to local media, revealing that the cliff where the accident occurred was a popular spot for people to witness breathtaking sunsets. However, they pointed out that the lack of proper precautions and safety measures was concerning. They called for authorities to install protective fences along the cliff’s edge, emphasizing the need to ensure visitors’ safety while appreciating the natural beauty of the location.

Following the tragic incident, local authorities closed off the area as they launched an investigation into the circumstances surrounding Demir’s fall. The closure was imperative to preserve the scene and gather relevant evidence. Officials acknowledged the necessity of implementing necessary safety measures to prevent such accidents in the future.

After days of thorough investigations, the authorities cautiously reopened the area to the public on July 15, albeit in a controlled manner. The implementation of safety measures was likely to be on the agenda as they prioritized protecting visitors while also preserving the site’s allure.

New York Post


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