He Proposed To Her and the Internet Lost Its Mind!

A young man named Chris Girard, 27, recently pulled off the most epic marriage proposal ever and it has quickly become the talk of the town.

Young stood on the basketball court dressed in a blow-up mascot outfit alongside the 76ers Mascot with a present that once opened read “Will You Marry Me?” across it. When his future wife, Jackie Murtha,27, saw it, she was overwhelmed with emotion.

It was no surprise that Chris’ proposal went viral, but unfortunately, it also attracted some unwanted attention. Internet trolls took to their keyboards to criticize NBA cheerleader Jackie, saying that she was out of Chris’ league. But thankfully, she was quick to defend her fiancé.

But to Jackie, Chris is the love of her life. The couple met in college eight years ago and have been inseparable ever since. Chris knew she was special the moment he laid eyes on her, and Jackie never understood why he would joke that they were out of each other’s league.

“I really genuinely don’t see it because he is just so handsome, and he is just the perfect guy,” Jackie said.

Chris, having been warned that some of the comments were not favorable said, “I was like, ‘Well, I’m a pretty funny guy, I think, and Jackie thinks so. Let me try and say something a little witty now, get ahead of it.’ I thought my tweet would get maybe 1,000 likes,” he said.

“I sent it out, put my phone in my pocket, and talked to friends. After the game, when we were planning where we were gonna go, I said, ‘Hold on, my phone’s ringing.’ It was Twitter notifications going crazy.”

One Twitter user wrote, “Hey man, ” leagues ” are a thing of the past. A good woman just wants a man to be real and loyal. That’s legit it. Chase dreams, mountains, career, anything. Just not other women and you’re good.”

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