Goldie Hawn Reveals Her Never Before Told UFO Experience!

Veteran actress Goldie Hawn recently shared an extraordinary personal experience of an alleged encounter with extraterrestrial beings from her early adulthood. Hawn, 77 years old, disclosed the anecdote during an episode of the Apple Fitness+ series “Time to Walk,” emphasizing that she had never previously shared this particular story.

Hawn recounted the incident that transpired when she was 20 years old in Anaheim, California, during a period when UFO sightings were frequently reported. She mentioned sitting outside her door one evening, gazing up at the dark sky, and reflecting on the vastness of the universe. She pondered the potential for life on other planets and expressed her desire to meet extraterrestrial beings.

Several months later, while working as a dancer and during a rehearsal in West Covina, California, Hawn grew fatigued and decided to rest in a friend’s car. It was in this car, while attempting to sleep, that she heard a high-pitched sound. This auditory experience led her to observe two or three triangular-shaped heads through the car window. These beings had a silvery appearance and unique facial features, and they appeared to be observing her. Hawn described a sensation of paralysis during this encounter, struggling to determine whether it was real or a dream.

After breaking free from the state of paralysis, Hawn came to the realization that she might have made contact with extraterrestrial entities. She noted that many accounts of alien encounters described similar sensations of a high-pitched sound and paralysis, which led her to believe her experience could be genuine.

Hawn later consulted with a researcher to delve deeper into her encounter, and revisiting the experience allowed her to recall additional details. She mentioned that these beings touched her face, describing the sensation as “the finger of God” and characterized the encounter as benevolent, loving, and filled with light.

Reflecting on the paranormal and unexplained phenomena, Hawn expressed her belief that denying the existence of such occurrences can limit human understanding and wonder. She encouraged maintaining a sense of wonder and embracing the mysteries of the world.

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