Get Ready to Laugh! Costco Cake Goes Hilariously Wrong!

A recent Reddit post has gone viral after a Costco customer shared the hilarious results of their custom cake order. The customer had been very specific about the order, filling in all the relevant categories on the cake order form, and even offering up a sketch of how they expected the cake to look.

The customer had requested “no writing/ no designs” and asked for “only red frosting on perimeter for top/bottom”. The customer also wrote “none” and crossed it off in the cake design section of the order form.

Unfortunately for the customer, the cake decorator took their instructions too literally and the cake that was delivered was merely a white slab with a red outline on the top and bottom. The customer shared pictures of the cake and the order form on Reddit, much to the amusement of other users.

Many commented on the thread, with some laughing at the decorator’s “epic fail” while others begrudgingly praised them for following the instructions closely. One user noted, “The good news is they did read both pages of instructions”.

Another shared, “Honestly, I’m pretty impressed by how close the drawing is to the figure you drew”.

“Costco will give you exactly what you know you didn’t need,” the Reddit post said.

Another person posted on Twitter and said,

It was noted that the pickup date was listed as Saturday, April 1, leading some to believe that the cake was an April Fools’ Day prank.

The post caused a lot of laughter in the thread, with many in stitches over the order, however, most users took the decorator’s side, claiming that they followed the instructions rather well and with incredible detail!

New York Post


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