‘Full House’ House Star John Stamos Bares It All In Shocking New Memoir!

Renowned actor John Stamos, best known for his iconic roles in “General Hospital” and “Full House,” has taken a reflective journey down memory lane in his debut memoir, “If You Would Have Told Me.” The memoir, released by Henry Holt and Co., delves into Stamos’s extraordinary 40-plus-year career, replete with both the highs and lows of his life.

While his teen idol fame was cemented with his role in “General Hospital,” and he became an enduring sitcom icon through “Full House,” Stamos had to confront personal challenges that included a high-profile divorce from actress Rebecca Romijn and a public battle with alcoholism. In discussing his book, Stamos explained, “It’s a deep dive into a life that I thought wasn’t worthy of a book, but as I wrote it, I realized maybe it is, and maybe people will learn a little bit from my experience.”

John Stamos On General Hospital

One of the most poignant aspects of his memoir is his reflection on “Full House,” which aired from 1987 to 1995. Stamos acknowledges that despite initially wanting to distance himself from the show, he now recognizes the importance of embracing its enduring legacy. He also candidly reveals creative clashes with co-star Bob Saget, describing him as the “humblest egomaniac” he had ever met. However, Stamos’s relationship with Saget underwent a transformation when they both faced family crises, which drew them closer.

Stamos’s association with The Beach Boys is another remarkable aspect of his life detailed in the memoir. He transitioned from being a die-hard fan to an honorary member of the iconic surf-rock band. His time with the band, which included several concert performances and guest appearances on “Full House,” provided him with invaluable insights into stage performance and the impact of music on people’s lives.

The book also delves into Stamos’s battle with alcoholism, which reached a critical point in 2015 when he faced a DUI charge. He openly reflects on the gravity of the situation, expressing how he could have harmed others and how he abandoned his core values. Stamos subsequently sought treatment through Alcoholics Anonymous and embarked on a path to sobriety.

In his memoir, Stamos also shares the emotional journey from a high-profile divorce with Rebecca Romijn to finding love and happiness in his second marriage to actress Caitlin McHugh. He describes his second marriage as giving him a life he didn’t anticipate, with the joy of fatherhood becoming a central theme.

At 54, Stamos became a father for the first time, and he emphasizes the unique perspective fatherhood offers in midlife.

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