From Glam to Grit: How Gwen Stefani is Embracing The Country Life!

In a surprising turn of events, pop sensation Gwen Stefani has found herself embracing the laid-back country life in Oklahoma alongside her husband, country singer Blake Shelton. The 53-year-old star recently shared insights into her adjustment to a more rustic lifestyle on the ranch, expressing her initial aversion to dirt, bugs, and humidity. Despite these challenges, Stefani revealed to People that the natural beauty of Oklahoma, coupled with a sense of being in a spiritual vortex, has made the experience worthwhile.

Reflecting on her childhood, Stefani admitted to never envisioning herself leading such a life. Growing up, she witnessed her parents tending to their garden, a task she swore off. However, the tables have turned, and Stefani now identifies as a “garden flower nerd,” acknowledging the unexpected joy she finds in working on the ranch, a reminiscent echo of her mother’s activities.

People Mag

The singer took a trip down memory lane, recalling her past marriage to musician Gavin Rossdale, with whom she shares three sons. Opening up about the challenging period when her life seemed to crumble, Stefani noted that her messy divorce prompted a necessary reset. Despite the upheaval, she remains resilient and focused, emphasizing that many others have faced similar challenges.

Stefani’s life took an unexpected turn when she crossed paths with Blake Shelton while co-hosting “The Voice” in 2014. Expressing genuine surprise at the course her life has taken, she referred to her relationship with Shelton as an “amazing gift” and credited him with changing her life. Stefani described the profound sense of belonging and home she found with Shelton, acknowledging the transformative power of love.

“I didn’t see any of this coming with Blake. This was just a big old ‘What?’ It was an amazing gift to experience love like that for the first time,” she told People. “He’s changed my life … when I [started dating] Blake, that’s when I felt home, like, ‘Oh, this is where I’m supposed to be, with this guy.”

Amidst the chaos and busyness of life, Stefani revealed that her spiritual faith serves as a grounding force. She emphasized the importance of taking time to pray and reflected on the miracles she has witnessed, considering them as inspiration and fuel to navigate the challenges she faces.



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