Found Escapee On Plane Leaves Airport Workers Baffled!

In a recent incident that has captured the attention of social media users worldwide, Sputnik, a mischievous Shiba Inu, managed to stage a daring escape during her Alaskan Airlines flight, leaving airport workers and her owner, John Krajewski, in disbelief. The incident, which took place during a six-hour cross-country trip, has since gone viral on TikTok.

Sputnik’s unconventional journey began when she decided she wasn’t content with her seating arrangements. The spirited Shiba Inu chewed her way through the metal gate of her kennel, defying both zip-ties and a metal lock, all while under the influence of sedatives. Krajewski, the founder and CEO of Strange Loop Games, expressed his astonishment as he recounted the crew’s discovery of Sputnik standing at the opening of the plane’s cargo hold, seemingly waiting for the “red carpet.”

Alaska Airlines, like many others, has stringent policies in place for pet travel, mandating that pets must remain in carriers during flights. Only animals that fit into small carriers that can be stowed beneath seats are permitted inside the cabin, while larger animals are relegated to the cargo hold. Sputnik’s escapade, however, defied these regulations, and she found herself unexpectedly exploring the cargo hold.

Sputnik’s charming demeanor during her escapade, captured in a TikTok video, garnered immense attention online, with the clip being viewed more than 3.2 million times. Concerned viewers were relieved to hear that Sputnik emerged unharmed from her adventure.

Krajewski later shared a follow-up post, revealing that Sputnik and her feline companion, Willie, were settling into their new Miami home after their eventful flight. Social media commenters familiar with the Shiba Inu breed found Sputnik’s antics perfectly in line with their expectations, describing her behavior as “the most Shiba thing” they’ve ever witnessed.

While Sputnik enjoyed her unexpected freedom, a New Zealand couple had a less pleasant experience during a 13-hour flight from Paris to New Singapore. Gil and Warren Press found themselves sharing their premium economy seats with a gassy and drooling canine passenger, leading to a less-than-ideal journey.

In the world of pet travel, Sputnik’s escapade serves as a reminder that even the most well-behaved pets can surprise their owners and airline staff with their antics. This story, which unfolded at 30,000 feet, has left travelers and pet owners alike entertained and amused by the adventurous spirit of a Shiba Inu named Sputnik.

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