Former Miss World Contestant’s Shocking Death At Age 26!

Tragedy struck the world of beauty pageants and philanthropy as former Miss World contestant Sherika De Armas, who represented Uruguay in the 2015 competition, passed away at the tender age of 26 after a valiant two-year battle with cervical cancer. Local media reports confirmed her heartbreaking demise, which sent shockwaves through her community and beyond.

Sherika De Armas’ younger brother, Mayk De Armas, took to his Instagram Stories to express his sorrow, saying, “Fly high, little sister. Always and forever.” The emotional outpouring of support and memories continued as Anto Ciavaglia, a close friend of De Armas, shared, “I remember you with that beautiful glow that you always transmitted.”

In 2021, the former Miss Uruguay received a devastating diagnosis of uterine cancer, leading her on a challenging journey through numerous treatments. While cervical cancer typically strikes women around the age of 50, it’s worth noting that approximately 20 percent of cases are diagnosed after the age of 65. In its early stages, cervical cancer often remains asymptomatic, underscoring the importance of regular screenings and early detection, as highlighted by the League Against Cancer and the National Cancer Institute of Spain.

Sherika De Armas was not just a beauty queen but also a committed advocate for childhood cancer awareness through her involvement with the Pérez Scremini Foundation. Additionally, she ventured into the world of cosmetics, offering makeup, personal care, and hair products through her Shey De Armas Beauty Studio.

In an interview with NetUruguay back in 2015, De Armas shared her passion for the modeling world. She expressed, “I always wanted to be a model, whether a beauty model, an advertising model, or a catwalk model.” Her aspirations aligned with participating in prestigious beauty pageants, stating, “I am very happy to be able to live this experience full of challenges.”

Despite not making it into the top 30 at the 2015 Miss World contest held in Sanya, China, Sherika De Armas stood out as one of the rare 18-year-olds to enter this international competition, showcasing her remarkable determination and ambition.



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