Fisherman Shatters State Record With Massive Catch

A Maryland retiree has just made headlines by reeling in a massive rainbow trout that has officially broken the state’s record. Jean-Philippe Lartigue, 65, of Bethseda, was out fishing at the Antietam Creek on Feb. 10 like he often does, but he never could’ve predicted what happened next.

Lartigue, a former fisheries biologist who spent time working in Africa before retiring, has been an avid fisherman since he was 10 years old. He told Fox News Digital that he was just hoping for a good day of fishing, but he ended up landing something much bigger than he could’ve imagined.

According to the Maryland Department of Natural Resources (Maryland DNR), Lartigue was using a long 12-foot crappie-style rod, spinning reel, eight-pound test monofilament line, and a small split-shot weight with a No. 8 hook baited with a natural worm when he felt a powerful pull on his line. He quickly realized he had caught something massive, and the battle to reel it in was on.

Despite his years of experience, Lartigue was nervous that he would lose the fish if he pulled too hard and the line would break. He also had to be careful not to get snagged on the rocky area where he was fishing. After nearly 30 minutes of fighting, Lartigue finally got a good look at his catch – a massive rainbow trout.

He did not have a net with him, so he had to get in the water and catch it by hand. With the help of some other fishermen at the site, Lartigue contacted the Maryland DNR and found the nearest weighing station.

Lartigue headed to Ernst’s Country Market in Clear Spring to weigh his fish on a certified scale. The scale showed a weight of 17.44 pounds, and the fish measured 32 inches. Erik Zlokovitz, the recreational fisheries outreach coordinator for the Maryland DNR, stated in a press release that they were “extremely impressed by the weight of the fish,” which beat the previous record by over 3 pounds.

The previous rainbow trout record in Maryland was set in 1987, with the fish weighing 14.2 pounds. Lartigue’s catch has now officially broken that record, and he couldn’t be happier. He also expressed his gratitude to the young fishermen who helped him get to the weighing station and make the record official.

“It feels good,” Lartigue told Fox News Digital when asked about breaking the state record. He also thanked “all these people” who helped him out.

According to the Maryland DNR, Lartigue’s catch has been confirmed as the new state record, surpassing the former record holder by over three pounds. It’s a remarkable achievement for any angler, and Lartigue’s 17.44-pound catch will surely be a story he will share for years to come.

Breaking a state record is no easy feat, and Lartigue’s perseverance and skill have paid off in a big way. This incredible catch is a testament to his passion for fishing and his dedication to his hobby.

Fishing enthusiasts in Maryland have taken notice of Lartigue’s record-breaking catch, and it’s sure to stir up some friendly competition among the state’s avid fishermen. Congratulations to Jean-Philippe Lartigue on his remarkable achievement, and we look forward to seeing if his record will be broken in the future.

Fox News


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