Family Makes Chilling Discovery After Discovery What’s Inside A Fake Rock

A California family was recently met with a horrifying discovery when they found a hidden camera placed outside their home. The device, cleverly disguised as a rock and pointing directly at their property, was discovered by one of their neighbors. This discovery has left the family feeling scared and confused as to why someone would want to record them.

The family, led by apparent target James Dimapasok, was immediately alarmed and contacted the authorities. After the police arrived, Dimapasok found out that he was able to download footage from the camera and even caught a glimpse of the perpetrator.

The footage revealed the suspect wearing gardening gloves, a blue shirt, and a bike helmet while placing the hidden camera. The individual even rode a scooter to and from the scene, indicating that this was a premeditated act.

It was also discovered that the camera was supported by a power bank, suggesting that it was intended to remain there for an extended period of time.

The police informed Dimapasok that the camera was transmitting off local cell towers, and it was potentially being used as a live stream of the neighborhood. This chilling finding has left residents in the area feeling uneasy and violated.

In search of the perpetrator, Dimapasok checked his Ring doorbell camera, which captured another angle of the camera being placed.

However, it was too far away to provide a clear description of the suspect. When asked why someone would want to record their street, Dimapasok was at a loss for words.

In response to this terrifying incident, Dimapasok and his family have taken precautions to beef up their home security system. Their neighbor, Julissa Castillo, also voiced her concerns, pointing out that the street is commonly used by children walking to school.

She mentioned that the camera could be used to watch a particular child, adding another chilling layer to the situation.

As the case remains under investigation by the San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department, Dimapasok has a message for the suspect, pleading them to stop. He emphasized that he has no money and does not understand why someone would want to do this to their family.

Daily Mail


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